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How to become a children’s book author

Have you ever thought about creating a personalized picture story for your children based on their preferences? Or a visual narrative based on a shared memory? Thanks to artificial intelligence, specifically a combination of ChatGPT and plugins like WebPilot and Storybird, it’s now incredibly easy! 🎉

I used it to create a simple picture story about saving, enriched with wonderfully child-friendly content about saving from the Sparkasse Oberösterreich website 🐷💰 You can see how it all works in the video – it’s easier than you think:

1. install and activate the WebPilot and Storybird plugin ✔️
2. send WebPilot to a website with a prompt and have it collect information. 🌐
3. chatGPT analyzes the extracted text and creates a text prompt for the story. 📝
4. this is then automatically transferred to the Storybird plugin to create a picture story. 🖼️
5. just a few seconds later we have a cute, 66 (!!) page online picture book on the subject. 📚

You can click through the story here:

Technology not only has the ability to write personalized stories, but in my view it will also revolutionize individual learning and entertainment, among other things. And yes, AI poses challenges and potential dangers. But let’s not forget the wonderful opportunities it offers. AI is a tool, and like any tool, it depends on us how we use it. 👩‍🔧🔧

What do you think? Have you ever worked with these tools or could you imagine using them in the future? And if you have created a story yourself, please share the link so that we can all admire your creativity! 🎨 And my daughter is already waiting for more 😁


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