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One day via deepfake to the Federal Chancellor

Have you always wanted to be Federal Chancellor? I have now fulfilled this dream for a short time, at least digitally… 😁🎩

Once again, with just a cell phone photo of myself and a handful of open source tools, I created a deepfake video in less than five minutes on my local computer that transfers me into a speech by Karl Nehammer.

It’s frighteningly simple, as I found out for myself. Although the video is certainly not perfect (our hairstyles don’t quite match 😁), it was pretty convincing without any post-production. And all this with technologies that are freely available to everyone.

But seriously, although my experiment is meant to be funny, there is a very serious side to it. Deepfakes – videos in which artificial intelligence is used to portray people in realistic but fake situations – have the potential to spread misinformation and manipulation on an unprecedented scale, especially in conjunction with voice cloning, which I discussed in my last post. 🌐🚫

What do you think? How are you preparing for the era of deepfakes? And what could we do to protect ourselves from this potential misinformation? I’m looking forward to your thoughts and ideas! 💬👀


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