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Magic Avatars with Lensa – Cool, but not without danger

AI art, i.e. art created by artificial intelligence, is currently a very controversial hype. These days, however, the whole thing has reached a whole new level on all social media – the reason for this is the new “Magic Avatars” that you can now create with the popular photo editing app“Lensa“. All you need to do is upload 20 selfies and insert a few coins – for example, I had 200 different avatars (4 of which you can see in the photo) created for €8.49. To be honest, I find the results very impressive – the AI obviously sees me as a rather serious guy who likes to wear white and has given me, at least in my self-image, a few extra wrinkles 😁

In any case, the Magic Avatars are a huge commercial success for Prisma Labs, the company behind Lensa. In December alone, the app is said to have generated over USD 10 million in sales, compared with USD 8 million from January to December. November.

Warning: In terms of data protection, the whole thing is an absolute disaster. The uploaded selfie photos will be deleted, but not the generated avatars – Lensa reserves the right to keep and reuse them!

The deep learning algorithm used for this,“Stable Diffusion“, naturally first had to learn how to create such works of art. The artificial intelligence was allegedly trained with 5.8 billion photos – including countless works by real artists, whose style and sometimes even their signature are used in the Magic Avatars.

The AI is also accused of sexism and racism – sexualized representations of women and Western ideals of beauty are to be disproportionately served here.


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